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Learning Experiences

From personal growth to corporate curriculum


Quality learning experiences increase to employee and customer engagement, development and retention.



Here a few statistics:

  • According to Gallup over 51% of the US workforce is not engaged.

  • The Engagement Institute sites that disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually.

  • Per ADP, only one-third of U.S. employees give their companies high marks on career performance, learning management, and succession planning.

  • According to Udemy, 57% of workers ranked opportunities to learn and grow as one of the most important aspects of workplace culture.  


You know your business.  We know how to write and produce effective learning. Lets work together to create an amazing experience that equips your tribe for the present, and prepares them for the future.  


Our seasoned learning consultants are here to help you to create a training experience that will engage your learners, increase their retention of information and get them on the road to success. 

New Hire Training, Employee Orientation, Culture Adoption

You hired the perfect candidate.


What is your next step? Do you toss them to the proverbial wolves or do you equip them for success?


According to the Wynhurst Group, the cost of losing an employee in the first year is estimated to be at least three times their salary.

What’s more, 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment. New hire and employee retention training prepares your employees for today's business challenges.

On-boarding is the first step in your new employee's journey and it is your responsibility to invest in that employee by properly training and supporting their transition. The right training program can immediately engage the learner, prepare them for their responsibilities and help them feel valued and appreciated.

PTC Learning Advisors can design and develop orientation training that will yield more productive employees, company and brand loyalty, and utilize information retention strategies to motivate new hires, decreasing employee ramp up time and attrition rates. 

Product & Process Training, Change Management, Communications

Building products that have a sustainable competitive advantage requires an iterative approach.


Products are continuously improved and new features are implemented regularly. If you work in a fast-paced industry with changing needs, you need to define a development process that involves delivery, change management and communications while development continues concurrently. 

Learning must be adaptive, easily updated, and relevant to your audience and brand. PTC Learning Advisors understand the complex product development process and how to prioritize the just in time learning opportunities that align with your business objectives. Our product training solutions integrate product, process and change management learning techniques to provide a concise and blended learning solution  - preparing employees to complete their tasks effectively.

Engagement, performance, and motivation of your workforce directly impacts your organizations competitive edge.


Today's competitive hiring landscape combines talent shortages, skill gaps, and  looming retirements making it more challenging then ever to retain your best and most promising workers.

Tailored learning is the key to develop a workforce who can meet the challenges of the future. By bridging performance management and leadership development you can home grow high-performing and high-potential employees while helping each individual achieve their own professional ambitions and contributions.


PTC Learning Advisors can help you create learning paths for those best suited for leadership roles. Our learning solutions can also assist with succession planning.  As baby boomers are leaving the workforce, millennials will need to fill those roles.  How do you continuously improve your workplace performance  in order to retain your talent? We can show you how. 

Leadership & Performance Training, Professional Development, Succession Planning
Technical Training, Virtual Classrooms, Certifications

Continuous technical training is required for any organization to improve the competence of its employees. With fast paced growth in the software and technology sector it is crucial for any organization to improve the technical abilities of your employees. 

Employees who undergo technical training, whether before or during a job are typically more valuable to their company then employees who do not. By nurturing your own talent, you get highly skilled employees with experience specific to your company needs. 

Improving your employees technical skills and digital literacy will help you to execute your business plans more quickly. Technical training allows you to put all of your employees on the same page through the use of the certification process. This level set allows your executive teams to better estimate the time needed to complete projects or increase productivity on your latest technology.


PTC Learning Advisors can help you to create engaging, high quality technical learning solutions used to produce productive, multi-functional workers in this increasing technical business environment. 

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